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Product: Alarz Tahini
Origin: Israel
Product introduction:
 Food critics in Israel and around the world have described AlArz Tahini as sweet, delicate and
aromatic. Our Tahini is made exclusively from Ethiopia sesame known for its sweetness and its gentle earthy flavors. Our unique manufacturing process ensures that our Tahini preserves all the goodness of our raw material.
A boutique product tailored for those with discriminating tastes, AlArz Tahini is sold in specialty stores and used by top Chefs
around the world.
AlArz has been ranked Israel’s top Tahini.
Brand introduction:
Assad Zaher started AlArz tahini in 1990 to bring the taste of traditional tahini to consumers. An engineer by training, he leveraged his mechnical design skills, to design and implement a manufacturing process that resulted in a unique high quality tahini, which recreating the taste and magic of the Tahini he grew up with.
Today, AlArz Tahini,led by his wife Julia Zaher,who took over the business on his passing,is a family affair.
The company still uses the manufacturing process pioneered by Assad. The manufacturing process has 13 steps, including a gentle water based chemical-free processing for removing the seeds from the shell, roasting the sesame seeds kernels using steam, and grinding the sesame using traditional mill-stone. The end result is Tahini paste that is unmistakably traditional, the ideal base for a delicious tahini dip. It is also the perfect ingredient for a variety of Mediterranean recipes.
Approved by ISO、FSSC、HACCP etc.

Product classification:
The "Original"Tahini
Smooth, creamy, and nutty
Net Wt. 16 oz (453g)
Organic Tahini
The "Original" with organic sesame seeds
Net Wt. 16 oz (453g)
Whole Sesame Tahini
Thicker, stronger flavor
Net Wt. 16 oz (453g)