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Caramer colour

Caramel Colour
Origin: India

Product Caramel colour
CAS 8028-89-5
Characteristics Caramel colour is a natural colorant widely used in the food industry, with high color rate and strong coloring ability, reflecting the unique reddish brown color of fermented soy sauce, red and bright, moderate viscosity, good solubility, high salinity resistance and stable quality.
Applications Caramel colour used to be used in making dessert, it can provide cakes and sweets with a fill candy or chocolate flavor, or adding in ice cream and egg custard, or as a food pigment melanin, drinks such as cola use caramel color, and it is also used as food colorants, it is also the whisky industry allows the use of additives Caramel pigment can dissolve in water Caramel color is widely used in soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, sauce, brine and pickling products, baking food, candy, medicine, carbonated beverages and non-carbonated beverages, etc., and can effectively improve the quality of products.